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James A. Green, MSEE 1036 Murray Court Wichita,KS. 67212-4031 TEL:[316] 722-4954

OBJECTIVES: Next | Previous Presently working on books and software in science and engineering at Greenwood Research, also in sales and promotion. EDUCATION: Next | Previous University of South Florida EE & CS continuing ed 1988-89 Wichita State University MSEE 1977 University of Kansas Math & Physics 1973 Friedrich Wilhelms Universitat, Bonn, Physics 1971 vis Special Ed. ATE - Elec. Design for Fault Detection - Honeywell DCPD 88 ADA & Object-Oriented Design - TELOS 90 Grad work,physics - Quantum I & II, Solid State,(WSU) Nuclear(KU). PROFESSIONAL: Next | Previous Computer Software, Languages: Borland C++, WINDOWS 98, 3.1 environs. OWL- Object Windows. PROTOGEN. ADA, Borland C, Borland PASCAL, Microsoft MASM 80X86, MSDOS env. The C Programming Language for UNIX & WINDOWS. Green's Free Downloads. 80X86 assembly language in INTEL development system environs. 680X0 series assembly language in VERSADOS & VAX/VMS environs. 8-bit microprocessor assembly lang. - 8088 (16), 6809, 8085, Z80. Structured Design Method according to Glenford Meyers, IBM rsch. Object-Oriented Design Methods ala Borland C++ and ADA. Automatic code generation for windows ala PROTOGEN. Internet: HTML 4, JavaScript, Flash 5, own Perl interpreter, student of the net. Proficient in object-oriented methods and structured design, algorithms, and numerical analysis. Microprocessor Systems Hardware: 80X86 INTEL processors - PC CPU cards, Multibus designs, smart peripherals, systems on custom and standard buses. 8088 with 80X86 series and INTEL peripheral chips. 680X0 Motorola processors - Custom VME designs for workstations. 6809 Motorola processor - Test inst. apps, video missle tracking. Z80 Zilog processor - Design into intelligent peripherals. Design & Proposal Management for New Products: Portable Military Computers for Artillery Fire Control, spec work. Portable Military Computers, Honeywell, 1987-88, architecture handbook, RAM timing & logic, bus interface logic & timing, supporting documentation. 80x86 processors. Contributor. The AIM interactive graphics terminal with double-buffered animation hardware and pallette, Mycro-Tek, 1986. 68020 app. The ADCOMP display ad make-up terminal, Mycro-Tek, 1981. 80x86. UNIX 68020 system schematic designs, Mycro-Tek, proposals. Servo Mechanism Research: High-resolution switched-mode insturmentation servo and Multibus interface for high-speed phototypography & fast missle-tracking mode-switched servos for optical systems on pedestals. Developed the math models for mode-switched servos and simulators. Computer simulation and modeling of servo performance in C with on UNIX with supporting analysis and hardware design & debug. Systems Design: Designed and debugged CPU cards, video memory systems, peripheral controllers, memory systems, motion control servos, servo fre- quency multiplier hardware, portable computer systems, system controllers and workstations for military and commercial apps. Extensive use of programmable logic, general logic design, component selection, and timing analysis for design with debug support. Analog Designs: Sophisticated motion control servo loops with computer interfaces, standard op amp and comparator circuits, switching power supply design for military power supplies, electro-optical measurement systems for mechanical motions, and laser applications. Mathematical Analysis in Practice: Servo system modeling & applications, cubic spline techniques in computer graphics systems, digital picture processing, image reconstruction theory. Generally familiar with numerical analysis and algorithm design. Have applied Laplace transform methods and Fourier techniques with DFT theory in actual practice. Advanced Research: Mode-switched servo design for ultimate performance in different phases of a controlled motion, robot manipulator theory & robot vision grad work (USF), computer graphics designs based on patenable fast algorithms and architectures, 3D image recon- struction in medical imaging (proposals & book project), and advanced field theory with applications to physics & engineering. Continuing updates to my comprehensive library of silicon chips for supporting state-of-the-art hardware design. Current Research Interests in CS and Business Communications. World Wide Web studies using Netscape Navigator. WebSite construction techniques, including URL page composers, HTML, and collected material under glass for JavaScript, Java, VRML, CGS Scripts. Advanced Borland C++ technique for WINDOWS- oriented apps, including automatic code generators, graphical object generators, and toolboxes full of debugged techniques. PRACTICE: Next | Previous

Greenwood Research - Clearwater 90-91, Wichita 91-97, Researcher.

Books & software in C & C++ for science and engineering. Hardware components in review. WINDOWS 98, 3.1 environments. Object-Oriented design for C++, older structured design methods still used for C applications. PROTOGEN code gen. Research in silicon system components and design methods, including the INTEL Pentium II and chips for system design. I also did research in Internet communications, HTML 4, Flash 5, JavaScript, Java, PERL, and Internet techniques & resources.

Telos Federal Systems - Lawton, OKLA 90. Systems Engineer.

Systems engineering & ADA software studies to support portable military computers. PC workstations, MSDOS & HP9000 UP-UX (UNIX) environments. Spec. support & software manuals for ADA and multitasking issues. Training in ADA, Advanced Ada, and Object-Oriented Design methodology. Object-oriented design exercises for detecting nuclear explosions from space.

Watkins, Inc. Wichita, KS 1989 Manager of System Design.

Software for a new company business system based on multiple PCs. Order entry system in MicroSoft COBOL. Managed myself and 2 other programmers.

Compro Corporation Tampa, Florida 89 Software Engineer.

Software in 8088 assembler for a distributed point-of-sale terminal system and development of a new credit-checking system in a VAX\VMS environment.

Honeywell DCPD Tampa, Florida 87-88 Principal Design Engineer.

Engineering for SST portable military computer and military printers. 80X86 Series, programmable logic design with PALS & ALTERA, military switching power supply design, electro-optics applications.

Mycro-Tek, Inc. Wichita, KS. 85-86, 78-82 Project Engineer.

Designs for 2 interactive display ad terminals, cards, and peripheral controllers. Software for the AdComp display ad terminal, and hardware for its 4 multibus cards. Test software for the AIM interactive graphics terminal and VME hardware design for CPU and graphics card. 80x86 and 680x0 designs. PAL design.

AlphaType/Berthold Tampa 84-85, 82-83 Chief Engineer.

Designs for servo controls, subsystems for video graphics engine, cards and peripheral controllers to support photo- typesetter designs. Spline graphics research for high- resolution typefaces and graphical database editing software. Software development in C on UNIX. Servo simulators in C. INTEL Multibus designs and proprietary interfaces.

General Defense Pinellas Park, Florida, 1985 Engineer.

Software and hardware support for a missle tracking system based on 3 pedestal-mounted servo-controlled optical scopes with smart video trackers for servo feedback. 6809 hardware, mode-switched servo with programmable rate and position loops. Also, work to support exotic scan modes and a weather radar using a phase-locked loop. 6809 assembly language.

Kreonite Wichita, KS., 1982 Project Engineer.

Engineering for color scanner interface, studies for scanners and color graphic workstations.

Wichita State University Wichita, KS 75-77 EE Research Assistant.

Data analysis software and computer graphics for power system data collection unit. Research in digital picture processing and optimal edge detection with FFT and spacial filtering using prolate spheroidal wave functions.(MSEE Thesis). Software in FORTRAN and HP assembler. LANGUAGES: German,including technical German in engineering & physics. PATENTS: For high-speed character generation in interactive workstations. Also proprietary work on character generation schemes for high-speed phototypesetters. PERSONAL: Previous Birthdate: May 13, 1949. Physical: Athletic, non-smoker. Photo Gallery Hobbies: Astronomy, Astrophysics, bodybuilding, PC, writing & bookbinding, theatre. Societies: Present or Recent member of IEEE Society of Electrical & Electronic Engineers. The American Physical Society (Am.Inst.Physics) Sigma Pi Sigma honor society in physics. Pi Mu Epsilon honor society in mathematics. BOOKS IN PRINT: OPTIMAL EDGE DETECTION & DIGITAL PICTURE PROCESSING, MEDICAL IMAGE PROCESSING: THE MATHEMATICS OF MEDICAL IMAGING, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION: FUNDAMENTALS & APPLICATIONS, and other volumes in science, engineering and literature from Greenwood Research Books & Software. Back to top
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