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CHANDRA | STARCAL : Stellar Structure Software by James A. Green.
Source Code Included
NUCLEAR : Nuclear Effects software, Asteroid/Comet Destruction Problem, Asteroid Deviation.
CALCULATING PI : Four methods for calculating pi = 3.14159...

Structured Programming Philosophy : Easy-to-understand, modify, and improve. Windows-compatible.

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Stellar structure software for Windows, with executable module chandra.exe, source code chandra.cpp in C/C++ (Borland C++ 3.1 format), and chanread.txt readme file. You will require WinZip to unzip Search for & download free WinZip at CNET. CHANDRA is stellar structure software for collapsed-objects by the method of Chandrasekhar and Fowler, including white dwarfs, neutron stars, and objects with more exotic equations of state. It includes rotations and chemistry selection, preparing an overall report file chandra.txt and a smaller report presented to the screen of your terminal. If specified, CHANDRA also generates a detailed center-to-surface structure file for variables like temperature, pressure, density, and so forth. This download module includes the source code file chandra.cpp, which the user may modify and recompile to handle new equations of state, modified gravitation model, as desired. The complete set includes the book CHANDRA: CHANDRASEKAR SETS OF WHITE DWARFS AND SUPERNOVA CORES by James A. Green, available for $52.86 from Greenwood Research Books & Software, or from many other bookstores and dealers. The book CHANDRA includes this free downloadable software on diskette, plus a tutorial on the theoretical astrophysics treated by the software, letters from S. Chandrasekhar himself to the author written while the program was being composed, and a free copy of the old 5th edition of GRAVITATION & THE ELECTROFORM MODEL in an appendix.
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The package includes starexp.exe executable module for Windows and starexp.cpp source code in Borland C/C++ 3.1, as well as a starcalreadme.txt file. The download requires WinZip to upzip the software. Search for and download WinZip at CNET. This edition of the STARCAL software allows the user to enter the name of the star, the distance or parallax of the star, the spectral type, and the visual magnitude along with a chemistry specification. The chemistry spec may be simply standard galactic halo or galactic composition, or the user may specify the chemistry in detail. The program applies bolometric corrections for atmospheric absorption to the visual magnitude, then computes a large array of model variables for the star, including the radius, luminoisity, absolute magnitude, surface temperature, central and average densities, and other measures. It uses the chemistry specification to compute the nuclear luminosity of the star from the inside out, using stellar structure theory and formulae for nuclear cross-sections. In addition, it prepares supernova forecasts for stars over 6.3 solar masses based on the stellar lifetime formulae that apply to the star, and calculates many details of the appearance of a Type II supernova explosion that might result, including the projected luminosity of the supernova, the visual magnitude over time, the probability of explosion in the next century, and so on. The program generates a report file starexp.txt that describes internal structure and fusion process cross-sections together with the supernova forecasts. It also makes a condensed report to the screen. The nuclear luminosity calculations work best with dwarf stars like the sun that run primarily on p-p fusion. Red giant calculations are good for many variables, but not optimum with regard to nuclear luminosity. Instead, the program diagnoses the structural characteristics of the red giant deviating from normal dwarf structure. The program is useful for preparing or correcting astronomical charts incorportating astrophysical information. Some authors, for example, do not include bolometric corrections for atmospheric absorption of stellar radiation before computing the absolute magnitude, radius, and mass of a star. In addition STARCAL software makes charting of supernovae progenitors possible (Type II only), along with other novel applications.
The complete set includes the book Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars by James A. Green from Greenwood Research, also available through and other dealers and bookstores.
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This package includes nuclear.exe nuclear effects software, aster3.exe asteroid destruction problem software with aster3.cpp source code, orbit.exe asteroid deviation software with orbit.cpp source code, and a readme.txt file. All source code is given in Borland C/C++ 3.1 for a Windows environment. The nuclear effects software computes the effects of thermonuclear weapons as a function of the weapon kilotonage, computing many results such as maximum fireball size, maximum fireball radiance, radiation effects, crater sizes, size of waves raised by underwater bursts, cavern sizes gouged by bursts underground, 5 psi radius, and so on. The program generates a report file nuclear.txt tracing the entire session that may printed using Notepad. Richter magnitude and other unusual measures are given. The asteroid destruction software computes the impact effects of asteroids on the surface of the earth, including crater size range, crust rupturing parameters, depth of global dust coating, richter magnitude of the impact, and many other interesting measures. Also given is the megatonage required for asteroid destruction using a 2-warhead pinching scheme, and the number of space shuttle cargo loads of reactants needed to ferry such hardware into orbit. The orbit.exe asteroid orbit deviation software computes the path deflection produced by a given megatonage applied normal to the path of the asteroid. Save the Earth your way! The complete package includes The Effects of Thermonuclear Weapons by James A. Green from Greenwood Research with many government-released charts and graphs as well as privately computed ones for various effects of nuclear weapons and the complete software package on diskette. Based on commonly available declassified data made available by the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.
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This software includes archpi.exe, chinpi.exe, leibnitz.exe, and newton.exe together with the corresponding Borland C/C++ 3.1 source code modules for calculating pi by the method of Archimedes, the Chinese method, by the method of Leibnitz, or by the method of Newton. The most rapidly converging method is due to Archimedes, involving inscribing a circle between interior and exterior polygons. The software contains explanations and it is entertaining to observe the relative rates of convergence.
The corresponding textbook Calculus for the Systems Architect: An Essay on the Eternal by James A. Green from Greenwood Research contains the development of the calculus in addition to entertaining sections on the history of the calculation of pi and the application of calculus to problems in engineering and science.
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This code is written to be easy-to-understand, easy-to-modify, easy-to-maintain and extend. It leans toward the structured design philosophy popularized by Glenford Myers of the IBM Research Institute. It is user- modifiable code written to be simply passed on to another generation of experimenters. Object-Oriented design methods emphasizing barriers difficult for neophytes to quickly scale have been avoided. If the user fouls up, the old original code can always be downloaded from online, re-modified, and recompiled with a Borland C++ 3.1 - compatible compiler. This has conceptual advantages for scientists under conditions in which security is not a paramount concern. A structured table of contents is provided, and I have loosely adhered to the idea of writing short modules that are functionally cohesive, with well-defined inputs and outputs.

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