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Photo Gallery: James A. Green

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Hubble Visions Resume - Tales of Brave Ulysses Open Sesame: The Treasure of Ali Baba
Adventures in Tampa Bay 1983-86,1987-89,1990-91.
The Alkaid (1st), Mizar & Alcor (2nd), and Alioth (3rd) Expeditions to Tampa (Mira in Cetus).

As a design engineer in Tampa I'd occaisionally read a surfing magazine from the Pacific coast or Hawaii, which were sold around the area although the glorious gulf coast had no surf of polynesian proportions to surf on. That is where the wave came from in this old selection from my photo album Inside a Chambered Nautilus. The photo of myself is a double exposure taken in my 2nd story office in an apartment room, where I was set up with an excellent collection of engineering books and an IBM PC. The palms outside my apartment window not far from the beach were beautiful. I was dating to find a wife to the tune of I Wonder Why and Love Is the Only Chain on Garfunkle's LEFTY.

Field Physics Series Green, Recent Pic, 2001
Left: An Electromagnetic Shower in the BBC at CERN near Geneva. Right: James A. Green in 2001

In the burst of elementary particles, a brainy figure gestures in exaltation in the posture of Centaurus, waving his hands over a cross of Cartesian coordinates and a factor of 4. For a larger version, see [3].

After leaving Clearwater in 1991 and returning to Wichita, Kansas, I focused my mind quite heavily for a time on ultimate equations of theoretical physics,and discovered overthrow theorems for classical general relativity by concentrating on Einstein's Ricci tensor field equations in Cartesian coordinates. Like Fierz & Wolfgang Pauli (As described by Misner, Thorne & Wheeler [1], however, as the 1939 Pauli-Fierz article is less explicit), I discovered one in which the weak-field equations lead to a violation of the conservation equations, namely the equation of continuity. Wheeler, Thorne, and Misner phrased the 1939 "Pauli-Fierz" result in terms of the 4-divergence of the matter tensor, whereas I was focused on the most fundamental component of it. Also, since I was looking into the electroweak model at the time...the one used to unify [2] the weak interaction and electromagnetism, I discovered a natural generalization of it that included all of the other forces, especially the strong nuclear force, which I managed to obtain as a power series expansion from the solutions to the central generalized Maxwell's equations of the model [3], so that the unified field theory was a generalized form of the electroweak model derived during the 1970s by Weinberg and Salam [2]. The form I chose was also discussed somewhat in books on Grand Unified Theories, although I believe I was the first to obtain the nuclear force expansion from the core equations and to frame the theory in MKS units in a form engineers find familiar from electromagnetics. In addition, I think my treatment is the clearest ever given.

[1] GRAVITATION by Wheeler, Thorne, and Misner. Their book presented a fairly decent non-self-consistency theorem billed as the 1939 Pauli-Fierz theorem without accepting it, thereby contriving to miss the thorn that would have deflated the entire model. I discovered a similar theorem independently in 1992. Since reading the 1939 Pauli-Fierz paper, I suppose Misner, Wheeler, and Thorne had more to do with GR non-self-consistency theorems than I at first suspected. The Pauli-Fierz paper was much less definite.
[2] INTRODUCTION TO NUCLEAR PHYSICS by Cottingham & Greenwood. This book contains a nice introduction to the electroweak model without quite divulging its field equations! But it contained enough clues to find them and derive their equation of motion.
[3] GRAVITATION & THE ELECTROFORM MODEL by James A. Green, 10th edition, April state, 1999. Contains the clearest forms of the GR non-self-consistency theorems leading to the electroform unified field theory based on symmetrized standard-model vector-boson field theory with gravitational time-dialation only in MKS units. This edition shows how to obtain the correct curvature of light around the sun and perhelion precession of Mercury for a unified quatum field theory of this type.
[4] I note that the unified field theory of forces described by the electroform model seems to be connected to the mythic imaging system. This is involved in determining the mythic forms in the bubble chamber photograph from CERN, above. We often find evidence of it's existence in terrestrial cloud cover photos, for instance in weather satellite images. Details on the mythic connection to field theory are described in the 10th edition [3].

Wichita State University's Ablah Library, A NetScape Navigator 4.0 Site.

I also use Netscape Navigator 3.0 Sites at local Wichita public libraries and
do some communicating on my home office PC equipped with WINDOWS 98.

Wichita State University
Another photo 3/2/98 of the WSU Ablah Library next to the engineering
building at WSU, which I use for research.

Linda, Angel No.6 Jean, Angel No.7.
Romance in the late 80s: Left: Linda. Right: Jean. Nurse: My Andromeda-woman.
(From 2nd Tampa expedition [7th engineering haven.])

Jean and I were dating the summer in 1988 that I wrote a chapter on polytropic stars for Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars. See Figure 88 in Colours of the Stars by Malin & Murdin.

George Harrison with Green Plume & similars for Linda & Jean
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