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Left:The Knee of Orion, the Orion Nebula, M42 & M43.Right:Jean
After Fig.88 in Colours of the Stars by David Malin
and Paul Murdin, prepared with Malin's unsharp masking technique.

Here Jean seems to appear above me, a minature 4-star Diamond of Virgo streaming from cheek, while I appear with stars in my eyes. I had to leave Tampa in 1989 to return to Wichita, and years later I found these haunting images reminescent of our parting. See the way Geinah in Corvus views Orion in the Spring from the East as he sets beneath the arc of the Winter Crescent in the West with a gesture of All Hail. I read Chiu on Stellar Physics sometimes on the beach with Jean, looking into my star fire hobby as hard as I could between our wanderings hand in hand down the beautiful beaches of Tampa Bay. Years later, from photos then I see us as star-crossed lovers in the theatre of the constellations and imaging nebulae and galaxies. My first wife Susan turned out to be Pegasus in my vision, while I was Aquarius. Susan's divorce suit had some child support involved, so Pegasus goes after the hip pocket of Aquarius. I was also Orion, Centaurus, and Hercules proceeding with his resumes Gemini, Lupus, and Draco, respectively. Besides being Corvus, Jean turned out to be Andromeda with the smile of Perseus-Pleiades-Aries, and also the Northern Cross, with the heart-star complex around Sadr. I was also Leo, and my mother Ruth was Virgo. When I put all behind me, it was like Bootes stuffing the Big Dipper behind him to fall on Virgo (Ruth, my mother). Then I would sink beneath Coma Berenices to the Centaurus point, where my books were written on Ara, my arms spread with exaltation in front of Heaven's Gate, resume Lupus by my side. When I rose I would throw my hat over the horizon for you in the form of Auriga, rising with a toast for Jean in the form of the wine-glass of Taurus with the red highlight star Aldebaran, which I compute is the brightest nearby supernova-to-be, and right on the supernova threshold at 6.3 solar masses, which I computed in THERMONUCLEAR FUSION IN STARS. My astrophysics hobby made me feel highly elevated, as if I were becoming one with the Light of the Universe. But when the Light of the Universe seemed to really be my story, it was in a miraculous vision. That happened in 1993, when I finally decided to go ahead and find out where the stars were that I was studying, by examining a book on the constellations and examining them with binoculars. I also examined astrophotos in detail, and the solopsistic model held up! Everywhere images of me and my gal above in fields of stars, with faces I recognized and star names matching. The 11th edition of GRAVITATION & THE ELECTROFORM MODEL contains a good synopsis of my theory of grand visionary celestial projection or unitary mythic imaging in an appendix, as well as the transition to the unified field theory with its new cosmology that was a holy grail for me. The Figure 88 vision seems to warn that seeking our woman in our eyes fills them with that holy vision, and that to pursue stellar visions without her could cause us to fall to the stars above, far from original faith. As Bootes, the vision becomes inverted, and I myself fill in for my beloved angels. See how Jean looks at me across the Western horizon with the Eagle Eye of Aquila as I rise as Orion like a Wing-Robe beneath the smile of Perseus-Pleiades-Aries in the East. As a bright young man with a narrow waist, coming to find my bride in Tampa, I captured her Hungry Eyes. It is all there, the glowing pursuit of angels, the rise of Orion, the Fall of Hercules surrounded by kisses through Bootes back to the old home in Virgo, the retreat of the Howling Dog, and life as Centaurus with Ara at my fingertips beneath the Diamond of Virgo and Coma Berinices. (Pronounced Co-Ma Bury Nice Ease.) As Canis Major I drive Lepus across the sky bearing my legend shining in a book on which I stands like Orion the King of Angels. However, the Fall also includes the comic TV Star Queen I associate with Leo and apparitions in the Eagle Nebula. The star fire of heaven seems to mirror the warm and erotic, the spirited and the soulful all together. Then comedy proceeds to record the moment it went the other way by burning the Pilgrims Progess of it into the face of the Moon, the face of Mars, the face of Miranda. Best dive for the businessman's necktie Sculptor to avoid spinning down the River Eridanus without a car, to gaze up at the star Menkar, broken by Fornax-Fornacis. For me the stellar vision seems to span the years 1981-2001, beginning at the zero hour of time when Susan-Pegasus and I split, with the awakening within the 4-pi steradian celestial sphere mirror delayed until 1993, synchronized with my factor-of-4 theorems leading to a cosmology based on unified field theory with a T,V rishon basis.

The SoulSide of the Force The SoulSide of the Force
Acknowledgements - Grateful acknowledgement is made to
___________________David Malin, Anglo-Australian astrophotographer.
List of Illustrations - Figure 88, above.
Music: Love is Blue & Inch Allah from Blooming Hits by Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra.